Bullock Defender


Bullock Defender ENG

Watch the tutorial to install it in your car in a few easy steps.


First Activation

Step 1

Raise the arm with the balls, unscrew the test screw in the holes and put it away for safekeeping

Step 2

Take hold of the Bullock® lock, insert the key and turn it clockwise. Position the lock on the steering wheel

Step 3

To adapt the anti-theft device to the dashboard, modify the angle of the arm by turning the screw provided

Step 4

extend the arm to its full length

Step 5

and test it with the test screw provided.

Step 6

Once you find the best position, remove the test screw, insert the slotted set screw (provided in the envelope) into the hole until it breaks

Step 7

and then apply the adhesive cap on top of it.


Step 1

Insert the key and turn in a clockwise direction

Step 2

raise the arm and position the Bullock lock on the steering wheel. Remove the key and push downwards to start the special self-closing system

Step 3

To remove the Bullock lock, insert the key and turn it clockwise. Then pull upwards. To protect the airbag, do not apply excessive pressure when positioning and removing the lock.


Bullock Defender, the universal car anti-theft device, with steering wheel lock. A unique, patented product that can protect any vehicle from theft. 

Thanks to the handy arm that can be adjusted in both length and height, Bullock Defender can be applied to any kind of steering wheel and used to protect any type of car. In addition, the innovative, patented, self-installing locking system ensures maximum convenience and ease of use.

The limited size and light weight of this anti-theft suitable make it suitable for female users too. The interior of the anti-theft device is coated with soft rubber to prevent scratching of the steering wheel when the device is in use.



• 2 numbered keys

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